Google Page Rank Demystified


In the early days of internet, search engines were heavily dependent on the meta tags for indexing and capturing results. Meta tags are those tags which are read by a search engine, but are not visible to humans. The major meta tags are the keyword tag, the description tag and the title tag. However because of spammers who UFABETอันไหนคนสมัครเยอะ

used to stuff the relevant keywords in these tags, search engines have almost ditched these tags (The Title tag and The description tag are still very useful features and all webmasters should ensure to use them, but the keyword tag is more or less redundant as no search engine recognises it). Instead they have come with a different set of algorithms which is constantly evolving.

One such algorithm is the Google Page Rank. This algorithm has been designed by Google to rank pages on the basis of their importance. Although the exact algorithm is secret a few thing are know about this algorithm.

  • The major element used in calculation Page Rank is the number of links pointing to a particular web page. When a web page links to another, Google considers it as an vote for the page which is being linked to. Therefore more the links to your website, more the value of your website. But it is not just quantity which matters.

· Links from relevant web pages are ranked higher than links from web pages from a different niche. For example, if you have a site on golf, a link to your website from another golf site will rank higher than a link from say a football or basket ball site. Therefore the pages that are linking to you also matter.